Bulldogs News · Bulldogs hire Ortiz as new Head Girls Basketball Coach!

Margaux Ortiz spent the previous 2 basketball seasons on the bench as former coach Stephon Rhone’s #1 assistant. Before coming to Ramona High school, she was an assistant at San Pasqual High school for a season.  Coach Ortiz was a 3 sport athlete in High School and has a philosophy of holding the girls accountable while building skill in the game of Basketball. Coach Ortiz is planning on becoming a teacher in her future.

“I am extremely honored to take on the role of Head Coach. I am fiercely dedicated to the game of Basketball. I am dedicated to the power it holds to teach, the strength it has to mold, and the ability it has to help young people learn and grow. My coaching philosophy will always be player/team oriented focusing on hard work, commitment, sportsmanship and heart.” Coach Ortiz

Players on the current Varsity Basketball team were extremely excited about the hire on campus this week. 

“For me it is a relief to know that we won’t be starting all over with new concepts, Coach Ortiz knows the team and has very strong relationships with us that I think will give us a kick start to this already unusual season!” … Grace Sojourner

“Personally I am very excited to have Coach Ortiz as our next Head Coach. I feel she has a great connection with all of the girls and will push us to work harder. She has given great advice to me in previous seasons and she is not afraid to give us the tough love which we sometimes need!”… Cari Newman

“I’m super excited to have Coach Ortiz transition into our Head Coach. Our Team Chemistry will continue to build and I know she will continue to push us to be our best!” Lydia Nungesser