Bulldogs News · Bulldog Football Lineman to compete in 1st annual Wildcat Lineman Competition

Returning 1st Team All Palomar League Center Jacob McElwee and 2nd Team All League Tackle Everson Wimer will lead 11 Bulldog Lineman into a “Battle Royale” at El Camino High School in Oceanside Wed at 10:00am. The lineman will compete in 11 events to measure teamwork, strength, power, skill, and heart.  The team of 11 will be utilized in  various events like Tug of war, 1 man sled push relay, Farmers Walk relay, 7 man sled push, Tire flip relay, 185 LB power clean and 205 lb bench rep tests…The Offensive and Defensive Lines are the Heart of a Football team. This is where you start in the process to win a championship….

Jacob McElwee, Everson Wimer, JT Buttle, Tyler Johnson, Trevor Strong, Dustin Mullins, Cameron Stoffel, Josh Diaz, Mario Olea, Nathan Cussick, and Thomas Colbert.


Colbert and McElwee are in the prestigious 1,000lb club so I like the Dawgs Chances…:)