Bulldogs News · Phase #3 of Off Season Champions Club Complete “Winners announced”

HARD Work SINCE December with competitive mornings each day in Per. 1 and 2.

3rd testing phase complete… (Final Testing phase July 23rd)

These kids are Champions of our Off Season…..hard work, consistency, focus, and mental toughness.

YES we use this data to see who plays and who competes….Varsity Football requires strength, speed, agility, and smarts.

These boys won Phase # 3. Great job Bulldogs….

Highest GPA – Riley Colvin: 4.50

Highest 3 Lift Total:  Jacob McElwee:  1,060 Lbs

Strongest Back Squat – Thomas Colbert:  495 Lbs

Strongest 1 Rep Bench – Jacob McElwee:  375 Lbs

Most Bench Reps with 185 Lbs – Jacob McElwee:  34 x

Strongest Olympic Power Clean- Jacob McElwee, Tyler Johnson, & Sean McDonald:  245 Lbs

Fastest Player 40 yard dash-  Cameron Necochea:  4.54

Most Explosive Player in 10 yard dash – Ace Jones:  1.44   (Derek Diamond School record of 1.42)

Most Agile Player in Pro Shuttle – Dawson SanFilippo:  4.17