Bulldogs News · Football Lift a Thon “explodes” to kick off its season…..

2018 Football Lift a Thon …13 Years of incredible Success…Big things happenned in the Gym May 17th.

Jacob McElwee hit 375 lbs….Program Record for the Lift a thon….

Freshman George Pozek hit 300 lbs which is a record for Freshman….

* Notable: Raul Lopez hits 355lbs, Nathan Cussick hits 325 lbs &  Thomas Colbert hit 285 lbs.

  • 135 lber Alesandro Carreno one of the Varsity Tailbacks “quick like a cat” benched 235 lbs which is incredible considering his body weight.
  • Josh Davis a 160 lb tailback showed incredible power benching 285 lbs as well.
  • Everson Wimer hit 265 lbs, Trevor Strong hit 275 lbs, and Tyler Johnson his 245 lbs (running a 4.68 40 dash). All signs show the returning OFFENSIVE LINE from the 10-0 team will be ready to roll come MONDAY May  21st the beginning of Spring Camp.
  • Thank you to the Community and Doug Sooley for incredible support again…..
  • ACTION PICS of most of the lifters below…WOW