Multiple Teams · Results of League Track & Field Finals –

Highlights of the Valley League Track & Field finals

Girls 4x100m Relay- 1st place (Tuesday Christopher, Amber Cogbill, Morgann Wilson, Trinity Beatty) 50.57 PR
Boys 4x100m Relay – 1st place (Caleb Berman, Justice Mednoza, Christian Gabriel, Januar Ramadhan) 43.54 PR
Girls 1600m- Alexa Waples 4th place 5:39.73 PR
Boys 1600m-Jack Clough 2nd place 4:32.2
Girls 100m Hurdles- Morgann Wilson 2nd place 16.62; Mollie Pilley 4th place 17.81
Boys 110m Hurdles – Caleb Berman 2nd place 15.22; Nick Maccini 4th place 17.32; Ian Cirillo 5th place 17.33
Girls 400m – Rayna Valade 2nd place 61.41 PR
Girls 100m – Trinity Beatty 4th place 13.35; Ashley Reynolds 6th place 13.62
Boys 100m- Januar Ramadhan 1st place 11.29; Justice Mendoza 2nd place 11.64; Ace Jones tie for 3rd place 11.68; Christian Gabriel 6th place 11.85
Girls 800m- Sierra Crenshaw 1st place 2;23.75 PR; Alicia Luna 3rd place 2:27.79
Boys 800m- Jack Clough 3rd place 2:01.51 PR ; Eder Landgrave 5th place 2:04.1
Girls 300m hurdles- Morgann Wilson 4th place 49.2; Madison Cirillo 6th place 50.21
Boys 300m Hurldes- Ian Cirillo 2nd place 40.81 PR; Caleb Berman 3rd place 42.93
Girls 200m – Amber Cogbill 5th place 27.97
Boys 200m – Justice Mendoza- 1st place 22.84; Januar Ramadhan 2nd place 23.14; Christian Gabriel 4th place 23.59
Girls 3200m- Amy Brown 2nd place 11:52.62 PR
Boys 3200m – Cameron Klein 6th place 10:39.32 PR
Girls 4x400m Relay-3rd place (Tuesday Christopher, Alica Luna, Sierra Crenshaw, Rayna Valade) 4:12.13
Boys 4x400m Relay- 2nd place ( Justice Mendoza, Caleb Berman, Ian Cirillo, Eder Landgrave) 3:32.61 PR
Boys Long Jump- Januar Ramadhan- 1st place 21’10”; Christian Gabriel- 2nd place 20’11”
Girls Long Jump- Mollie Pilley – 4th place 15’3″
Boys High Jump- Hunter Gurrola- 3rd place 5’5″
Girls High Jump- Jessica Middleton- 2nd place 4’11” PR; Giana Amendola-Rebick 5th place 4’7″
Boys Triple Jump- Daniel Betancourt-3rd place 39′ 8.5″; Khalil Willis-6th place 38’7.5″
Girls Triple Jump- Tuesday Christopher- 2nd place; giana Amendola-Rebick 6th place 31’9.5″
Boys Shot Put- Landon Watkins 4th place 41’9″
Girls Shot Put- Peyton White 1st place 31’9″; Karla Chairez 3rd place 30’8″; Bryn Jordan 6th place 29’3″
Boys Discus- Gabe Stallman 4th place 127’10”; Landon Watkins 6th place 120’10”
Girls Discus- Karla Chairez 1st place 94’10”; Peyton White 2nd place 91’10”; Julia Dominguez 3rd place 89’11”
Boys Pole Vault- Joey Lowery 2nd place 11’6″
Girls Pole Vault- Elexis Espina tie 4th 7’4″; Jessica VAnTol 5th place 6’10”; Ana Tellez 6th place 6’10”