Multiple Teams · Ramona Wrestling General Information

Ramona Wrestling practices daily from 3:00 pm to 5:45 pm.

Practices are from 8:00 am to 10:45 am on days without school.

Please email Coach Knierim at if you have any questions.

This is a CIF sanctioned sport and requires that student-athletes have a certain amount of practices in order to compete. You wouldn’t be allowed to miss practices held by other sports and still compete, the same will go for wrestling.



Ramona Wrestling Code of Conduct & Expectations


Ramona Wrestling will be committed to developing a group of student-athletes that compete hard, both on the mat and in the classroom.  We will not allow coaches or athletes to rest on one single performance. Everyone will be required to continually raise the bar; to expect more from themselves and more from those around them.

Ramona Wrestling will be committed to teaching student-athletes to be mentally and physically tough. No one wrestler or coach is more important than the team. If one of us succeeds, all of us succeed. We will teach to the rule book and will instruct wrestlers how to best compete during a grueling wrestling season. Wrestlers will be sore, this is a combat sport and we expect everyone involved with the program to understand the physical and mental strains that come with it.


Wrestlers Code of Conduct:

  • Have fun and stay positive.
  • Inappropriate behavior towards teammates and coaches will not be tolerated.
  • Everything that you do reflects on this team, school, and community. Take that seriously.
  • Be on time to all practices and competitions. You are required to be at the entirety of every event unless otherwise arranged with the Head Coach.
  • Per CIF rules, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA to participate. Take your classes seriously and bring all homework and/or study materials to duals and tournaments.
  • Give 100% to everything that you do in the room. This includes mopping the mats!
  • Being a student-athlete is difficult. It is time to learn how to manage your time. Missing practice for any reason can effect competition status.
  • The team is important. Wrestlers of all skill levels should be supported and encouraged.
  • Hazing will not be tolerated. Wrestlers that are found to be hazing others, will be removed from the team.
  • Have fun.

Parents Code of Conduct:

  • Help support the coaches at home by reminding your athlete of our expectations of sportsmanship, punctuality, and dedication.
  • Support the coaching staff. We are going to coach your wrestler to the best of our ability.
  • Support the entire team. We know that you are there for your child, if you can stay for the whole event and cheer on their teammates please do.
  • Try to schedule appointments and vacations so they do not conflict with the wrestling schedule.
  • If there is an issue that you would like to discuss with a member of the coaching staff please do so at an appropriate time.
  • Practice good sportsmanship. At events you represent your child, the team, the school and the community. Please refrain from arguing with other fans, parents, athletes, coaches, and officials.
  • You are a member of this team as well. Please attend events and help when the team needs support.

Coaches Code of Conduct:

  • Coaches will stress the “team” concept.
  • Coaches will treat all wrestlers with fairness, firmness, and respect.
  • Coaches will be on time to all competitions and practices and will not leave until their conclusions.
  • Coaches will correct behavior in a constructive manner when needed.
  • Coaches will praise a strong work ethic and good tough wrestling.
  • Coaches will not baby the wrestlers.
  • Coaches will inform you of all issues when they come to our intention.
  • Coaches will keep you informed about all practices, competitions, and team events.
  • Coaches will teach safe and high level techniques.
  • Coaches will communicate with the athletes first if there is an issues. Parent discussions will occur as needed.



Wrestling demands a great deal of time and effort.  The season runs from mid-November through the first week in March. This includes the winter break period.  It is critical to the success of the team and the individual that every wrestler is present during the whole season.  Lengthy vacations in the middle of the season hurts the team as well as the individual.  If you plan on taking a two or three week vacation during the middle of the season, we recommend you reassess your commitment to being a part of this team.  The coaching staff has made this commitment.  All we ask is that we get the same commitment in return.



  • Practice will be from 3:00 PM-5:45 PM, Monday-Friday (Excluding competition days).
  • Practice is Mandatory for all wrestlers.  Only the Head Coach has the authority to excuse a wrestler from practice.
  • Missing two practices for any reason during the week will result in the wrestler having to sit out the next competitive event.  A wrestler needs to prepare to compete.  Missing two days of practice prior to the event makes for a lack of preparation.  If a wrestler is too ill to practice then he is too ill to compete.
  • Missing practice due to schoolwork shows a lack of proper time management on the wrestler’s part.  Missing practice because you have not managed your time is an unexcused absence.
  • An unexcused absence during the week could affect your competition status. However, the wrestler will be required attend the event with the team.
  • Being late to practice is unacceptable.  Wrestlers are expected to be fully dressed, on the mat and prepared to begin practice at the designated time.
  • A lack of effort or constant horseplay in practice will result in the wrestler being told to leave the practice room.
  • Multiple violations of the practice policy will result in expulsion from the team.



All wrestlers are required to attend all competitive events whether they are competing or not.  All wrestlers are expected to arrive on time.  All wrestlers will travel to and from the event with the team.  No wrestler will be allowed to leave early from a dual meet or tournament.


Be very selective and use common sense when posting on social media such as Facebook or wrestling forums.  Never post negative comments about our program or another wrestling program.  Stay positive at all times, and NEVER post anything that could prove embarrassing to the program, our school or our community.


  • Infections have become an issue in all sports.  Because of the close contact while wrestling, proper hygiene is critical.  All wrestlers will immediately shower after practice.  Skin checks are required every day before practice.  Any suspicious skin problem should immediately be reported to the coaching staff to avoid passing skin infections from one teammate to another.
  • Wrestlers are expected to wear clean workout gear to every practice.  They are expected to take used wrestling workout gear home after every practice.  No food, sweat pants, sweatshirts, or other dirty gear will be left over night in the wrestling room.  If it is it will be thrown away.
  • Use antibacterial soap every day.  Use a clean towel every day.



All wrestlers who regularly attend practice will be allowed to wrestle off for their respective weight classes.  Wrestle offs will be conducted three times during the year.   A wrestler has to establish himself as the dominant wrestler in the weight class by winning 2 out of 3 matches.


An individual who attempts to participate in too many extra curricular activities will, undoubtedly, be in a position of conflict of obligations.  It is each wrestler’s responsibility to ensure these conflicts do not arise and affect the team in a negative manner.  Practice, dual meets, and tournaments are mandatory for all wrestlers.  It is the team policy that the wrestling team takes priority over any other extracurricular activity during the competitive wrestling season (November-March).  There are no exceptions!  If you cannot commit to this policy then do not wrestle.